NGOs and Partners

Non Governmental Organisations

Green Lotus – Founded in 2003, Green Lotus opened its first foreign offices in Myanmar in July 2013. It now possesses 4 to 5 permanent teams in Yangon, as well as two in Paris. Its main means of action is to promote the principles and methods of the sustainable development, through an everyday campaign of information addressed to the populations, conferences, and trainings. Green Lotus occupies a strategic position at the crossroads of the political world, the enterprises and the citizens, which makes it particularly efficient in its action in Myanmar.

Entrepreneurs Du Monde – The training and the financial capital are the main levers of appearance of small businesses for families in deep tenuousness. Entrepreneurs du Monde accompany those families to the economical insertion, helping and facilitating their access to essential goods and services. The main means of action of Entrepreneurs du Monde leans on the social microfinance help for the creation of a business and access to energy. We see in this NGO a beautiful way to redistribute a part of the funds gathered thanks to the crowdfunding.

Our Partners


Founded in 1964, CHEYERE SAS is a metalwork, a locksmith and an aluminum sawmill, interfering in the creation, manufacturing and installation of inside and outside equipment such as windows, staircases, doors, gates, fences and more.

CHEYERES SAS provides its experience for all of your projects in the field of construction and equipment. The project is piloted from the planning phase in our design offices and realized by our teams on the spot. Our team of 20 employees is flexible and will adapt to a complete project, a module or a package. Ideally located in the REIMS-CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES-SEDAN axis, CHEYERE SAS is a good proximity partner to operate in France in the “departements” Ardennes (08), Marne (51) and Aisne (02).

Natix Service

Natix Service is your partner for IT and digital services, offering services like computer troubleshooting and maintenance, installation and configuration of material and networks, as well as the design of internet Websites and more. Whatever your IT or digital problem might be, Natix Service is committed to find an adapted modern and quick solution at home. Natix Services is located around Strasbourg, in France (67).

Cyclable is a network of 51 shops, engaged in the development of biking as a sport but also as a means of transportation in the cities. There are two shops in Rennes, one being dedicated to the bike trekking. All the necessary equipment for a safe and comfortable bike trop can be found there. On top of that, the shop is also equiped with a Garage for reparations or custom-bikes creations.

La Source has two big independant organic shops of 310 m² in Barr and of 360 m² in Obernai in Bas-Rhin (67, east of France). They are dedicated to the people who feel concerned about their well-being and alimentation. Certified organic and natural products, of different kinds such as food, hygiene, beauty or dietary supplement are sold in the shops. La source is also engaged in a responsible way, because it promotes local products whose production and supply chain has been controled.