The itinerary presented below is estimated to have a total length of 10600 km. The departure will be on March 20, 2019. Averaging 60km/day, including stops the total duration of this trip should be of 5 months and 20 days. This relatively low average daily distance will guarantee the success of the project, without putting excessive mental or physical pressure on ourselves.

First, we will arrive by plane from Europe to Yangon, in the South of Myanmar. We will directly start by meeting the first NGO, Green Lotus, which is working on its project “Ward 67” located in the slums of the city. Secondly, we will drive to the northeast, to cross Laos and arrive in the Dien Bien region, where we are planning to meet Entrepreneurs du Monde and their Microfinance project in Anh Chi Em. Then, it will be time to travel south, following the Vietnamese coast. It will lead us to Cambodia where the second project of Entrepreneurs du Monde exists. After having met the second team, we will continue and finish our trip, aiming to the south until we reach Java in Indonesia.