About « À deux Roues du Progrès »

Last year, we had thoughts about doing a long bike trip in South Asia. At this time, the main goal was to discover another place in the world we both had not yet experienced. It is only more recently that we decided to create our own association, whose name means « 2 Wheels away from Progress » in french, in order to engage ourselves alongside two different NGOs an to do something significant for the development of the countries we will cross. Maintaining 5 years of experience in the areas of water resources, and electronics/electrical engineering, we feel our skillsets will benefit these organisations. Being involved with the work of the NGOs will educate us on their processes and provide us with an enriching experience.

Who are we?

We are two brothers aged 29 and 27, coming from Alsace (Strasbourg, France), born in an engaged family, which transmitted to us values of respect, ecology and human rights. After being separated for our studies and the beginning of our careers, we will be reunited for this unique experience.


Currently finishing a PhD in hydrological sciences, I dedicate a large part of my time to the observation of nature, and even more when it relates to water. The end of a PhD is a very particular moment, generally associated to a time of reflection on past and future projects. Our project is an excellent way to reach this goal, while keeping up some professional activities. As a regular cyclist, I have always used my bike for my common tasks, and to travel across France. This is obviously in my opinion the best way for this trip to ally eco-tourism to this human project.


I am an engineer in computer electronics for the German auto industry in Munich. I have chosen to put my career on hold after 3 years of work in order to open my mind to the world and spend time on a more human centred project. I have always been interested in the study of foreign languages and cultures, and I am also passionate by nature. To me, the bicycle provides the best means of transport as it is allows you to experience the world without barriers, and is environmentally friendly.

The project

The organisations we will meet work on complex projects (context of crisis) which require a good overview of the problem, and therefore a great diversity of hard and soft skills. They have been selected to match our values and to fit to our academical or professional background. Being involved with the work of the NGOs will educate us on their processes and provide us with an enriching experience. Essentially, the “raison d’être” of NGOs remains the on-field action, and that is why we plan to directly join them on sites. Consequently, our itinerary will be adapted to lead us to the locations where the projects take place: in Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The detailed itinerary is presented in the « Itinerary » menu of this website.

The association: À deux Roues du Progrès

It is our association, declared in the french law (law of 1901), that we created to support the project. Its aim is to promote bike as an environment-friendly means of transportation, which associates discovery and sport. On top of that, the association gives us an identity to defend the development of the countries crossed during our journey.