Volunteering at Pteah Baitong

Our first day on the bike was just over 3 months ago in Myanmar. We then visited Green Lotus, with whom we spent a wonderful week discovering their support work in the Ward67 community of Yangon. In 10 days, we will let the bikes again, because we will be in Cambodia with our second partner NGO, Entrepreneurs du Monde. We look forward to spending a few days in the Pteah Baitong project team, launched by EdM in 2015.

A word about the Pteah Baitong project:
Pteah Baitong (« Green House ») was created to promote access to energy in Cambodia. Pteah Baitong promotes green energy and offers energy solutions using solar panels, to allow people in the most remote villages to illuminate and cook. To do so, they choose the best products on the market, reliable and at attractive prices, and distribute them through their network in the country. Pteah Baitong also offers financial assistance to villagers through very advantageous microloans.

Worldwide, one out of seven people still do not have access to electricity, and a large part of the world’s population has only limited and pollutants means of accessing electricity. Not having access to electricity has a major impact on lifestyle: difficult for a child to do homework in the dark, delicate for the family to preserve food, recharge a phone, have a social life in the evening…

To learn more, please visit the Pteah Baitong website (http://www.pteahbaitong.com/)!
Feel free to have a look at the website of Entrepreneurs du Monde and discover their numerous projects around the world: https://www.entrepreneursdumonde.org/en

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