Thank you lovely Myanmar

And here we are, last week we finished our first part of the journey in this multi-faceted Myanmar. We lived there a lot of social, gastronomic and cultural experiences, and we were stunned by the variety of its landscapes.

We were touched by the kindness of this people with a complicated past, nevertheless very pleasant and curious. Here people give this impression of a simple day-to-day life: « be yourself and learn by yourself ». Indeed there is a certain trust between people and generations, just have a look at the family trips of 4 people on the bike with a baby in the middle, or children at the children playing with machetes.

On the other hand, in spite of our efforts we haven’t been able to put forward our meager knowledge in Myanmar language, but people had a good time laughing at us, and this is already something!

We headed for the Thai border at Mawlamyine in the south, after a good climb and some dusty roads. On the way, we stopped at Hpa An, city in the heart of a region dominated by karstic massifs. Pretty impressive! It is also here that lives a gigantic colony of bats which can be seen flying every night at sunset.

We are very thankful to this country and felt ready to discover Thailand!

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