Summary of the action with Green Lotus

It has been a week since we landed in Yangon (Myanmar). Tomorrow the cycling adventure begins for good (and will be the subject of another post)!

To close this first chapter, we spend the day in the office of Green Lotus in order to finalize the video editing of the interviews of the inhabitants of Ward67.

May and Léo working on the video

A total of 9 residents agreed to introduce themselves and tell their story. Because no, most of them have not chosen to settle here! The purpose of these interviews was to review the Ward’s functioning, and to learn how community life is organized. We also asked them about their living conditions, their housing and the sanitary conditions in which they live:

  • What are the recurring problems, what solutions to bring?
  • How do they see the Ward’s evolution in 10 years?
  • (Young people) How do they live their youth here?

It was also an opportunity to discuss the Green Lotus #TrashTag day and to get their opinion on this type of action: the number of plastic waste is impressive!

See you soon for this video 😉

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