Presentation of Green Lotus and the Bawa Pann Daing project

In 15 days, we will take off to start our adventure in Southeast Asia! The technical and andministrative preparation of our journey is going on, slowly but surely 🙂

Today, we will talk about the NGO Green Lotus, whose members accepted to welcome us directly after our landing in Yangon, Myanmar, on march the 21st. Green Lotus and its two partners ActionAid Myanmar and Women of the World started the Bawa Pann Daing (« Life goal ») project together, in order to improve the living conditions in a slum of the city called Ward 67. In this community of about 20.000 inhabitants, people are sometimes missing basic needs, such as a reliable drinking water supply, or an access to electricity. On top of that, sanitary conditions are often insufficiant, due to the lack of waste treatment. Together, the 3 organisations focus on different means of action to improve the resilience and empowerment of the community people:

– Sustainable development in the slum, town planning, sorting and waste treatment, composting and other activities.
– Strenghtening of the social link, emancipation of women (whose role for the development of the family is essential), improvement of children’s daily life
– Defence of the rights of the inhabitants of the community with the local authorities, lobbying to plan the future of the future of the slum.

We thank Green Lotus in advance for showing us their activities among the community. Thanks to them, we will meet the inhabitants of the slum during one week, and also participate to the different workshops they organize. We are happy to be able to share this experience very soon!

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